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Arlekin Tango Green Policy

The Arlekin Tango Environmental Program

Our environmental program concerns energy and water management, recycling efforts, pollution control, guest information and motivation of our hotel staff.
Think green with us. Together we can make a difference!


1. Energy management

• The Arlekin Tango has insulated roofing and windows
• We use solar panels to heat the water
• Our electrical appliances are environmental-friendly and with high energy efficiency
• We use a thermostat set at 25C°
• The electric heater is set at 55C°
• Our hotel is under constant surveillance for the proper functioning of appliances like air conditioners etc.
• We use energy saving light bulbs / CFL and avoid superfluous lighting (where possible)
• Sensors and time controllers are applied on the lighting in corridors and public areas
• Central switches in your apartment control lighting and air conditioners: they shut down automatically when the switch is turned off
• The general electricity switch is turned off during the months that our hotel is closed
• We use ecologic and insulating paints

2. Water management

• Regular controls and immediate repair of any leakage in pipes, springs and faucets
• All rooms and public toilets have water flow regulators (flush mechanism with dual flow) and mixing faucets (with reduced pressure)
• Shower heads and faucets are water saving devices
• Garden irrigation system is semi-automatic with a built-in timer, drop-wise and mist outlet
• Water supply is turned off during the months that our hotel is closed
• Rain water is collected to use for garden irrigation
• Wastewater management: The Arlekin Tango Holiday Apartments are connected to the town’s biological waste breakdown system

3. Our recycling efforts

• The blue dumpsters are used to collect and recycle paper, plastic, glass and metal
• We collect electronic equipment, used batteries and cartridges
• Beer barrels and glass bottled are collected and returned for recycling
• We collect used cooking oil

4. Pollution control

• The Arlekin Tango has regular chemic and microbiologic water analysis checks (for both drinking water and the water of the swimming pool) in acknowledged labs
• The chemicals used to disinfect our swimming pool are automatically measured
• Detergents and washing powders are environmental-friendly

5. Guest information and updates

• Upon arrival, our guests are informed of our green policy concerning our cleaning services and to not change towels and bed linen daily
• We, from Arlekin Tango suggest ways in which guests can participate in environmental actions

6. Staff education & motivation

• We constantly inform and encourage our staff to think green together with us and to have staff actively participate in our environmental program
• Clear guidelines are handed out to each department separately in order to save water and energy (housekeeping, food & beverage, supplies, garden and maintenance)

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